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What Career Advice Would You Give The Kid Version of Yourself If You Traveled Through Time?

The new Kia commerical with Blake Griffin is out and it's understated, but smart at the same time.  Take a look below and let's talk after the jump (email subscribers click through for the video):

Practice your free throws.  A lot.  If you know anything about pro hoops and the dunk machine that is Blake Griffin, you know that he's not a very good free throw shooter.

But it begs a bigger question.  If you travelled through time and visited the kid version of yourself, what sage advice would you give him/her from a career perspective?

Me?  I'd tell the young version of KD to get entrepreneurial as early as possible - not necessary starting a business, but being involved in multiple things (rather than a single job) that would allow him to experiment with anything he became passionate about from a career perspective.  And I'd tell him to do that while he was working for a big firm.

I'd also tell him not to grow his hair out - ever - because it would stand straight up no matter what the length was.  The monchichi look never works.

What about you?  What career advice would you give the kid version of yourself if you travelled through time in a Kia?



Be more serious in school and in getting my first jobs.
Doing otherwise set my earnings back...a lot.

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