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WEBINAR: Becoming an Employer of Choice Through Your Interview Process (HRCI Credit)

Let's face it - candidates become fans of your company if you hire them.  But there's a bigger question....

Do candidates become fans of your company when they apply for an open spot, maybe even get to the HireVue-Registration-Badge-Roses phone or live intereview stage, then are told, "no"?

When thinking about becoming an employer of choice, companies tend to think about pay, benefits, workspace, etc.  All good choices, but we think there’s something missing – we think your interview process alone should make people want to come to work for your company.  What would happen if your interview process was actually so engaging and cool that it made candidates refer others, even when they didn’t get the job?

Is that even possible?  We think it is.

Join FOT (my other blog) this Thursday (1pm ET) for our October webinar (sponsored by the good folks at HireVue) – “Before the Rose Ceremony: How to Become an Employer of Choice Through Your Interview Process”, where we’ll explore the following and compare it to the meat show on the Bachelor/Bachelorette:

  1. <Bring Flowers> What pre-interview, pre-phone screen features subconsciously tell a candidate that you’re different from your competitors and help you plant the initial “why you want to work here” seed.
  2. <Sincerity, Please?> The 3 things that need to be present in your initial outreach to a candidate to prevent their BS meter from exploding (aka momentum killers).
  3. <Places Everyone!> 5 Key Features of the live interview process at your company that sell your culture as a Great Place to Work – regardless if you hire the candidate or not.
  4. <Interrogation with a Smile> FOT’s Top 7 Interview Questions for uncovering great info andselling the candidate on your company as an employer of choice – they won’t even realize you’re doing it (and you’ll get great info as a result).
  5. SEND IN YOUR LESS ATTRACTIVE FRIENDS TO GIVE APPROVAL! (That’s FOT in this case.)  We’ll end with a simple audit process that you can use to determine if your interview process is contributing as much as it should toward your company being viewed as a destination of choice for candidates.

Join us for “Before the Rose Ceremony” and install a couple of the interview process features we discuss, and candidates will start to view you less as the Motel 6 and more like the Ritz.  Or wherever it is that feels like an upgrade from the Motel 6.  Maybe the LaQuinta?  The W?  You tell us.  The point is when you say no to people and they still love you, you’ve arrived – just like the bachelor or the bachelorette.  We think the way you interview candidates can help you accomplish that in the recruiting process.

**This program,ORG-PROGRAM-124798, has been approved for 1.00 (General ) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.

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