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SWEET CAREER ADVICE: How to Start a Professional Blog Without Losing Your Mind...

Career development day at the Capitalist - TOPIC: How to Start a Professional Blog Without Losing Your Mind.  

I'm 6 years in and I can reduce your pain levels - I've made every mistake known to man when it comes to blogging.  Whatever your speciality or niche, a blog is a great idea.  Only 1% of the population has what it takes to be a content creator.  Are you a 1%er?  The good kind?  Actually, 1%ers are good all the way around.

Here's my game plan for helping you start a blog - slide deck from a recent preso below.  (email subscribers click through to see the slides).  Reach out if you have questions.  I only charge $3,000 an hour.  

Actually, it's much less than that and I've been known to trade for Diet Mt Dew and/or NBA tickets.


Phil Ammann

Great post! We may be new to HR blogging, but we are moving up... fast! Check us out at Thanks!

Ben Martinez

Great stuff KD. If there is only one thing I regret, it is that I didn't move faster into blogging. Can't do it again though. But, I can try harder again each blog, The HR Hound loves this stuff...Nice to meet you at HR Tech man. Keep it going!


hmm tell me how?thank's


Great information, Kris. You've been an inspiration for me starting my own blog while in Corporate, and it does indeed help launch your career in ways you never imagined. Thanks for providing the tools!


KD, I love when I see your work on random websites I'm scanning. You rock.



Great post! Helps give inspiration to those who are considering starting a blog! Good stuff.

Will Thomson

This is a terrific article. Thanks! I am new to blogging and this is helpful!

Daniel Jordi

Very good article. I very much belive in the power of blogs to build a professional brand and use it myself to build something of value.

freshers jobs

Thanks for the career advice..!!


Is it really necessary to create a professional blog? I want to know coz I want to catch the attention of Singapore headhunters. Hope this will help.


Is it really necessary to create a professional blog? I want to know coz I want to catch the attention of Singapore headhunters like Hope this will help.

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