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VOTE: Help Me Name My New Office

So here's the deal.  We're moving in a week to new space at my company - Kinetix.  Going to be pretty cool space, and as part of the deal we're naming every space, including common areas.  We've decided to open it way up - so the names for the meeting rooms, a few offices we have and the common areas for brainstorming are going to be named after Pop Culture references.

Pop Culture is a broad naming convention, but I like it.  It means that most of the spaces are going to be references to movies, music or things that resonate in our daily lives.

I need to name my office.  Will you help me by voting?  Here's the candidates for what my office (which is going to serve as a meeting room when I'm not there, which is often) may be called (links to the reference points included):


-It's Tricky

-Tremendous Upside

-Save Ferris

-Dude Abides

Vote for me in the comments with why you like the one you voted for in the comments.  Got a better one?  Put it down as well.  Thanks for the help.


Steve Boese

Has to be Tremendous Upside.

Runner up (not on the list), Second Jumpability


Tremendous Upside holds good with a catch phrase that has underlying meaning to it sounds apt for an office


I concur with Steve. Tremendous upside for the win.

Karen K

I would agree. Although won't pop culture references peg you to a certain era/date you?

Dan johnson

I like the "Money!" room or even Kris Dunn's "Money!" room. Because I believe you like the movie Swingers.


Save Ferris has my vote. Classic movie and the just has a nice ring to it. It's like a rally cry.

Another new option - Frankie Say Relax. Seems fitting for a lot of the HR stuff you may have to deal with from time to time.

Another option - Our Time. A reference to Fast Times and Mr. Hand.

Angry HR Guy

Can it really be anything other thand "Dude Abides" best name for an office ever.


Keep them coming folks. Karen, sure pop culture references date me, just like a little bit of gray hair and a ganster limp. What's your point? Ha....



my vote is for dude abides!


Dude shizzle

Richard Sherman

Save Ferris gets my vote. Just reading it (or saying it) makes me smile (and hum Danke Shoen in my head)...


“We Talkin’ ’Bout Practice"


Save Ferris!


Sir Consult-A-Lot


My Seat At The Table


Save Ferris (it's the only reference I get). Pop culture also brings to mind the Batcave. I think that would be best!

Paul Hebert

Dude Abides... all in on that one. You're the rock man - you're the rock.

Eric Brinson

Gotta be "the Dude Abides". It could also be the barometer by which prospects are judged. If they get it, they suddenly look more favorable.

Ben Martinez

None of the Above.

My write in vote is, "Know Your Enemy". Has a Rage Against The Machine spin mixed with your style of leading-edge ideas that re-define the HR industry.

Cool Stuff!..Ben

R. J. Morris

I cannot believe Bushwood is not leading this race. Travesty.


Dude Abides FTW! Sandals and White Russians on Fridays are essential functions of the job.

Robert Hatta

Write in vote: "Reeeeetainer!"

Otherwise, it's "Save Ferris"

Grant Peacock

Dude Abides

Or "Homie Don't Play That"- Homie, the Clown--In Living Color


Save Ferris


Show Me the Money!!!!

Steph Lilak

In order to balance out my husband's vote, I must vote for "Save Ferris." Hi, Kris!


Dunder Mifflin!


Bushwood had its time.

It's Tricky is overused and kind of corny.

Tremendous Upside has a good underlying meaning, but could mean overrated.

Not familiar with Dude Abides.

Save Ferris makes me feel the best and gets my vote. It's all about friends, family, priorities and making the most out of everyday.

As for write ins, I absolutely love Dunder Mifflin! It's all about how good employees can overcome any obstacle.

Brian Deming

The Noonan Room. Dancing Gopher not included.


I'm with Save Ferris too. I like the implication that you're pulling a Ferris when you're not in the office.


It's Tricky...because everyone in the know will have pep in their step when they cross the threshold!

Jennifer Sanders

...9 times Save Ferris!


I'm loving Bushwood...but I've got a write-in: Kumite! It's got double pop culture reference - Bloodsport & Boondocks. Besides, everyone wants to say "kumite!"...whattah!!

Rusty Brand

KD - this is awesome!

I was leaning toward Save Ferris but have to agree with others...Dunder Mifflin. That show is the "HR Train Wreck" that all HR Pros love. It would be the ultimate irony to name your office after that show.

Hat tip to Steve & HRAthletics on that one. Good stuff!


Tremendous Upside - everybody gets generation discrimination...or political...

Yvonne Moncovich

"It's Tricky" or "It's Complicated" is better for an HR office. Both bow to the fact that HR isn't cut and dried.

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