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So - I'm starting to do more recruiting for HR pros as part of my role at Kinetix, and as part of the long tail of being a HR blogger daily for five years, I get asked for advice a good bit.  Always happy to help, talked to 4 HR pros about their situations last week.  All are pretty good HR pros - no question.

But the video below got me thinking.  Take a spin through the 3 minute video (email subscribers click through) that was created by McDonald's to address the criticism that the hamburgers that are presented in ads look better than what you can buy at the store.  That's true, no doubt, but the video below shows you exactly what they do a a real hamburger to make it look great in ads.

Now think about how you present yourself in career, both when you want a new job and even when you don't.  Do you have a portfolio of project work that people can view to see the types of things you've worked on related to what you're passionate about?  Do you have social media profiles that are active and make you look like a strong HR pro?  Recommendations on the LinkedIn profile?

Those things, my HR friends, are the equivalent of the photo guy below taking the pickles on a normal burger and placing them where they have the most impact.  It's squeezing a little bit of ketchup down the side of the burger for maximum affect - but for your career.  

You're a strong HR pro.  Why wouldn't you spend a little time like McDonald's to make the basic product look great for the masses?  



Interesting, the in store burger took a minute, the "career" burger took several hours.... Hmmmm

Alejandro Scarlett

Burger vs. Career

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