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Wrapping up a vacation at the beach, and I'm here to report one thing.

Instagram would seem to be for real.  But probably not in the way you think it is.

Backstory - vacation at the beach with another family.  2 3rd Graders, 2 6th Graders and 2 Sophomores along for the ride.

Observation - heavy, heavy Instagram usage by the two youngest age groups in Instagram, and they're not using it to share and filter pictures so much.  They're using it as a social network.  They may share a picture here and there, but they're much more likely to share another picture they've found anywhere - just to do a post and get a conversation started.  

Oldest group - Facebook usage trending down, Instagram strong and Twitter starting to make a dent.

If you're a parent of young one and they ask if they can get a Instagram account, it's not just all about pictures - they're really using it as a texting service of sorts.  Do with that what you will.

Margaret Mead - out.



3rd graders with Instagram (and the accompanying smart phones, I'd assume)?



iTouches - iphones without wireless, but still wifi. My 3rd grader has no phone!


facebook timeline development

I never used instagram before so I don't have any idea about it

Katrina Collier

Instagram is definitely its own social network. My puppy even won 3rd place in a puppy pageant run by @poochpageant12 Sure it was a bit of silliness but its a great place for sharing mutual interests.

Currently it does not have a valid use in say Recruitment but it can allow a Company to offer some insight into their culture through fab photos by their employees.

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