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Been wanting to share this one for a while - Andy Porter checked in over at Fistful of Talent with the idea that companies (and employees) should embrace the idea of a free agency period for every employee at the 3-year mark. Check out the starting point for the logic from Andy:

"If I decided tomorrow that I wanted to explore new job opportunities, I’d have to set up the FreeAgentNation equivalent of a Navy SEAL, top-secret military operation, so that my current employer wouldn’t know what I was up to. And I would bet I’m not the only one – I think most of us would prefer NOT to have our current employer know that we’re out there “looking.”

I think we should shed the secrecy and as organizations take it even one step further: Make all of your employees eligible for to become free agents every three years."

Andy goes on to describe the benefits... It keeps everyone honest.  The employee gets a pass to shop their relative value in the marketplace for their skills every couple of years.  The company can't be lazy about undervaluing the employee.  After 3 years, the company gets an opportunity to release the employee or not re-sign them if there's not enough value or there's other talent to bring in.

I know, I know.  Employment at will - yadda, yadda, yadda.  Just go read the post to find out more - it's the freshest piece of thinking I've seen in the last couple of weeks on the web.


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