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VIDEO: How to Get Fired By Prepping Your Boss to Present In Front of a Crowd...

Watch the video people... (if this was your boss and you were the lackey in charge of prepping him, you're scanning for your next gig right now)

Don't tell me the technology is buggy.  You put me up there and made me look like an a#@.  And I need your keys and laptop (or surface).  I need results.

Email subscribers click through for the video.  Watch the screen freeze up, then watch his eyes as he determines who he's going to fire.

BOOM - that just happened.   PS - if you're going to make me wear these retro nikes, you better not #@## up the technology and make me look like a fool.  That is all.


Scott Ziegler

Another reason to stay away from any Window portable. They can't even get it to work correctly for themselves.



Lisa R. deGuzman

That was painful to watch!


Hoefully for whoever prepped him, he hit the wrong button or the right one too many times. You know how Windows is...

Katrina Collier

Considering how awkward that was, he handled himself very well!


@Scott Ziegler,

I am sure, you have never seen Apple keynote bloopers like this?
Bottomline: Happens with almost everyone demoing prototype hardware/software.

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