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AH SNAP!! More Old School/New School Differences in Leadership...

WHAT’S the difference between the billionaire media mogul Mark Zuckerberg (new school) and the billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch (old school)?

"When Rupert invades your privacy, my friend e-mailed back, it’s against the law. When Mark does, it’s the future."

True that.  Or dat.  Or however the #@#@ing kids say it these days.  The old/new school sterotype matters in more ways than one...



Zuckerberg's upbringing impresses me with his excellence in academics and obviously his software writing ability. Other than inheriting the family business, I'm not really sure what skills Murdoch had that led him to success. Murdoch may have impressive credentials, but at first glance it reminds me that leaders are no longer defined by their title or where they come from. New leaders are now defined by what skills or value they offer to others.

Reality or perception it appears that Murdoch engaged in cut throat management, bought out companies and used his power to bully the industry. Seems that Zuckerberg created (or helped create) a brilliant product that brings people together.

I could be flat out wrong, but that's the perception from my angle...

Jocelyn Aucoin


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