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BIG DATA AND HR: Why HR Needs a Little More "Rainman"

Big Data and HR.  Get ready, because it's the next buzzword/buzzphrase.....

What does HR having access to Big Data mean?  Take a glimpse at the following snippet from a post from John Sumser:

"The first amazing thing is that Equifax has a series of bits an pieces of credit behavioral data for Rainman virtually every person who has a file in the Talx system. While the FCRA prohibits using credit data in very significant ways (including the fact that it always has to be anonymized except under very specific circumstances). So Equifax can’t simply sell businesses credit data about their clients.

But, they can sell the aggregate data.

For instance, Talx uses the data to help customers understand the leverage they have in a variety of settings. Talx can tell you the total indebtedness of your workforce. They can give you averages and data on subsets. One emerging service offers insight into student loan debt as a way of identifying retention leverage. Another project shows employers the car loan volume in the workforce creating the opportunity for the company to cut a money saving deal with a financial institution for lower car loan rates. (a nice, inexpensive new benefit)...

And suddenly, the power of having access to aggregrate data/averages related to your workforce starts to make a bit of sense.  Thanks John.  


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