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FAKE EMAIL: Mark Zuckerberg Reaches Out to Sandberg for Input on the Instagram Deal....

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg stated in an interview that she “walk[s] out of this office every day at 5:30 so I’m home for dinner with my kids at 6.”.  We're waiting for the following past email to surface from Mark Zuckerberg to cause a big work/life balance stink:


From:   Mark Zuckerberg
To:     Sheryl Sandberg
Date:   04/11/2012 7:50 PM
Subject:  I'm Going To Buy Instagram for 1B Large

Sheryl -

I'm going to buy Instagram for 1B large.  Signing the papers when I meet their team tonight.  Speak now or forever hold your peace.  Sorry I haven't brought anyone in on this, but I wanted to work through it on my own.  Because I am... #C..E..O.. you know the rest...

Call or email if you have concerns.  Doing the deal in two hours at Caribou Coffee.



I know, that's mean... To think that leaving the office at a reasonable time could ever keep you out of the loop, right?  Full support of work/life balance from KD, and my biggest reaction to the news of her leaving at 5:30 every night is that "ballers ball".  Meaning - people who perform can do anything they want.  I'm more concerned that one of your non-performers, who can never seem to get anything done and repeatedly frustrates his manager by leaving at 5:02 every day, is going to use the Sandberg news as rationalization for the elevator dinging at that time daily.

Ballers ball.  Performers with kids can do anything they want.  9 to 5ers will never be cruising email or industry sites on nights or weekends, mainly because there's no passion there. Doesn't matter if they have kids or not.

9 to 5ers leave at 5 and probably don't see the email from Zuck.  Ballers always see the email.



Great post, Kris. "Ballers ball" - love it. Will be my new mantra. it reminds me of "coffee is for closers". Thanks to the smartphone, we can always be "on" and there's no good excuse for not seeing THE email. I cannot count the number of fires that I've put out "after hours" over email/text. We can nip it in the bud tonight or let it blow up in the morning. The choice is ours.

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