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We've Recently Started Training Our Managers: A 3.1% Surcharge Has Been Added to Your Invoice...

Can you imagine the backlash you'd get if you added that title to the bottom of all your invoices to customers?

"We've Recently Started Training Our Managers:  A 3.1% Surcharge Has Been Added to Your Invoice"

Of course, you'd never do that.  But I was in San Francisco last week and saw the following footer on a menu at a place I was dining.  Take a look and we'll talk after the jump.

Bay Area Healthcare

You could never pass along that cost to your customers in that direct of a fashion.  San Francisco did.  

To be sure, there's merit to what they're trying to do - provide healthcare to everyone.  I'm conflicted about the whole universal healthcare approach.  I'd love to think the government could get costs down and properly manage the program, but there's just this one little problem...

The track record of the government (local, state and national) at managing programs in a progressive, customer-focused fashion leaves a little something to be desired, and of course, their ability to keep costs down makes me feel the same way.

If they don't manage it right, most people don't seem to understand that one of two things is going to happen - cost of care (taxes) is going to go up, or quality of care/quality of the plan is going to go down.

I think we need more messages like this one to remind us what we're paying for, and what we're getting.

And I agree - $62.95 for the Lobster is crazy.  Fish and Chips looks to be the best option.



Get costs down and properly manage the program? Ya mean like they do with Medicare...the largest (and only) health care program the federal government runs with your FICA tax (which is more than 3.1%?)

Yeah... universal health care experiments in America have been such a disaster compared to the market based approach that is so customer-centric!

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