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HR CAPITALIST JOB OF THE MONTH: Director of Talent Management - EPI-USE

Some of you probably know that my role at Kinetix is primarily focused on recruiting, and at times I help recruit great HR leaders and professionals for Kinetix clients.  I love that part of my job.

I'm going to start sharing the best HR roles that I'm currently recruiting for at Kinetix, because let's face it, there's no better pool of HR leaders out there than the HR pros who seek to stay on top of their game by consuming digital content and engaging in the social conversation that results.  That's you, BTW.

The first role I'm going to share with you is a great one - I've been retained to help EPI-USE find its first Director of Talent Management.

I'm going to share it with you three ways:  First, if I had to describe the position on Twitter, I'll give you the 140 character description.  After that, I'm going to give you the standard position description.  Finally, if you're engaged on what this one is all about, see the link to the full length description at the bottom of this post - it includes more cultural information about EPI-USE, even more detail about what I'm looking for, etc.  See "KD Comments" in the body of the position description for flavor.  


Twitter Position description:  @EPIUSEAmerica seeks human capital sage. Big brain, no ego, builder of teams. Tech biz, whiteboard the talent future for one of the best.


Kinetix and Kris Dunn (HR CapitalistFistful of Talent) are working exclusively with EPI-USE to fill its newly created executive role of Talent Management Director.  This role will be a member of the EPI-USE leadership team, located in San Francisco and reporting directly to the America’s Managing Director (aka CEO), with close interaction to the Global CEO, based in South Africa.  Compensation and rewards are inspiring for the right candidate.

KD’s comments: Your first task is to figure out your title.  This role is the lead HR/Talent/Recruiting executive for the organization, but EPI-USE isn’t big on Texas-sized titles and might want to call you something other than HR or executive.  You have to love that.  But if you don’t, this isn’t for you. 

Who is EPI-USE?  Great question and we've got a great answer - EPI-USE is the world's largest and most experienced independent SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) specialist and has emerged as a leader in designing, building and implementing the newer-generation of SAP-based Talent Management solutions.  They're a world class software and services business with a strong global presence, and while they specialize in HCM, they have the ability to focus on any software product that adds value to an organization's existing SAP ERP, HCM, Finance, SRM or CRM systems.  EPI-USE was founded in South Africa and has 800+ team members world-wide.

KD’s comments: That's right - in this role you'll be the lead HR/Talent pro in a company that does HCM technology for a living.  That means you'll be around some smart people, including some folks that know more about HCM than you do.  You OK with that? 

Roll the tape to find out more about EPI-USE below (Email Subscribers Click Through for Video):

The good news is that as an HCM-focused company, the good people at EPI-USE will know and appreciate all the things you’ll want to do as their Talent Management Director.  In fact, they’ve been doing a lot of it on their own, but the time has come to bring in an HR lead to help them scale it.  

If you enjoy creating arduous HR policies that lawyers love and employees dread, and are even remotely passionate about compliance rules, you can stop reading now.  This role is not for you.  This is not a typical HR role.  We’re looking for a business partner who will help EPI-USE take the kindness and people-based values of their South African-born company into a new era that can enable the people and the company to scale and prosper at great new levels.

Here’s the breakdown of what I’m looking for in a Talent Management Director for EPI-USE:

 --The ability to act as a human capital partner and enabler (vs. controller) to deliver strategic value-add insights and architecture to the regional leaders who are tasked with building and running their business operations, inclusive of talent.

--Chops in establishing foundational, ‘next-generation’ people-centric (vs. lawyer-centric) EPI_USE_LOGO talent systems and processes – such as performance management, compensation, and talent acquisition -- to make it easier for EPI-ISE consultants and business leaders to focus on what they are best at, while ensuring they get inspiring compensation and rewards. 

--Deep, cutting edge expertise in all the areas of human capital that matter to a company like EPI-USE.  We’ve already mentioned performance management, talent acquisition and compensation, and we’d also add learning and development, employee relations and the broad realm of OD to the mix as well. 

--EPI USE believes that if they approach our learning and development needs creatively, then business development opportunities can be unlocked. An entrepreneurial approach will be rewarded with the full support of our local and global leadership.

--The ability to align the company strategic goals with maximizing the people, passion and potential of the company. Connect the dots from the business goals to the talent strategy.

--Know how related to developing and executing professional and leadership development that contributes to rewarding careers and succession at EPI-USE. This will be a key and immediate goal.

--The insight and expertise to build out the employment brand and creatively and continually infuse cultural values as EPI-USE continues to grow and retain the most talented and tenured base of technical consultants in the industry.

--Inspire!  Use your creativity, collaboration, and social skills to further engage new hires, employee families, university students, and EPI-USE alumni.  Looking for someone with the creativity to tell the story and use the EPI-USE strengths to drive engagement and loyalty across all these groups.

--An ability to get outside of the traditional HR/Talent box.  For example, EPI-USE consultants travel a lot.  How can the company reduce travel or make it more palatable to highly talented, loyal (average tenure for a consultant – 8 years!) team members?

KD’s comments:  It’s a great role.  I think the right candidate could come from a couple of different places, most likely a candidate from a big company with great human capital strategy who feels like things have gotten just a bit too bureaucratic over the last couple of years, or an up and comer who’s built similar infrastructure at a similar sized company and wants to do it again.  A lifelong HR role is not necessary and a business operations background will in many ways be ideal, although solid HR procedural and policy experience is a must. 

Submittals for this opportunity are being handled by Kris Dunn.  To apply, please send your resume in Word format directly to Kris.  Be sure to ask him for a packet of company information and intelligence that you can use to separate yourself from the pack in this search.  If that sounds like too much work, you’re probably not right for the role.  However, if you’ve made it this far and are energized by the opportunity, hit me with your resume and ping me on Twitter.

Click here to see the full, long-form position description.


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