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Looking for a New Year's Resolution?  How about to compete more than you did in 2011?

Not everyone gets a trophy.  You're stale.  Get off your butt and find a way to compete - even if you're staying in a job you're bored with.  You know, to give a S#$% every day.

Here's a little video to illustrate how much you should care about winning in 2012.  And yes, that's old Temple great John Chaney threatening to kill John Calipari in a post game press conference when the two were at Temple and UMass respectively.  Arch Rivals.  Both couldn't be at the top.

That's right.  Not everyone thinks it's win/win.  Some people would love to see you fail in a big way.

"Next time I see you, I'm gonna kill you!"

"I told my kids to hit your kids in the mouth!"

Classic.  Find a way to compete in 2012.  Keep score, even if no one else around you is.


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