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The Capitalist Reading List for the Holiday Week...

Here it is:


Ambitious to say the least.  Background on each book:

The Alchemist:  It's the Kinetix holiday book for our customers and friends.  I've never read it, so I might want to get with it to be conversational with the folks we sent this out to.  I hear there's a homie named Santiago, some treasure, etc.  I'm down.

Free Darko's Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball:  The NBA has kicked off, and Free Darko's a place I go for the writing - regardless of the focus on sports.  I figure this book is a nice alternative way to be less pissed off about the NBA lockout.

Arguably - Essays by Christopher Hitchens:  Love him or hate him, Hitchens was one of the giants of political opinion in our lifetimes.  I'm about halfway through this 700 page monster, and I've already learned a bunch I didn't know historically about the founding fathers and Nazi Germany.  Hitch is great, passed away late this year though.  Nice one to pick up since it's filled with short essays and features that appeared in mags like Vanity Fair.  RIP Hitch, you will always be a giant in my eyes.

Have a great holiday week folks.  If you're in the office, no doubt you're kicking #@# because there's no one there to bother you.


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