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Why I'm In This Game...

The Best Performance Management/Coaching Photo of ALL TIME!!!

Coach dunn1
Dateline:  Baseball fields in Birmingham.  Couple of years back.

Who's in the photo:  Me and a friend of the family.

Situation:  Hot day.  Kid was dragging, I'm out in the field (because you can do that with 5-year olds) as a coach encouraging him to stay with it, because you know - we don't go sit in the shade just because you're hot.  Suck it up kid.

Why I'm on one knee:  Frame before this, the player in question was leaning on my knee.  Then he fell to the ground in a sloppy mess.

What I didn't know:  He was actually sick.  He ralphed a couple of minutes later.  His parents were encouraging me to make him go.

Coaching outcome: A first team all-star two years later.  Born or made?  I'll let you decide.

Hilarious memory of a great kid who's a gamer.


It all ended OK.

Coach dunn2



This is awesome. Who's up for a photo caption contest?


Tom - Great idea. I'll start:

"Kris brought the sensibilities of Calipari and Knight to the 5YO baseball field. All was going great until someone collapsed and KD reacted with indignation instead of concern..."


"On Tomorrow's Dateline: America's Next Great Export - 5 yr old baseball factories in Alabama - Are we pushing too hard!?"

Steve Boese

"Get up kid, you can sleep when you're dead. Get up I said. C'mon kid. Kid? Uh-oh..."


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