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Got a CEO/Leader Who Acts Like a Skank? Print and Hand Them This Letter...

We've all been there.  You've got a leader in your organization (married or single) who acts like a total skank.  Comments here.  Suggestions there.  Every once in a while, their stange banter hits a person with low self-esteem and it works.  Which just means you'll see more risky comments and behavior out of said leader.  All the while, the normal people around that leader are uncomfortable at best.

Got someone like that?  It's usually a male, males being pigs and all.  Wondering what you can do to impact their behavior?

Print the letter below and hand it to them.  Tell them it's not too far fetched for this type of letter to be written about them.

The letter was written by an attorney capturing the alleged behavior of Mark Hurd, former CEO of HP.  Read the letter carefully - most of it has to do with forced dinners and broad references from the CEO that suggest Hurd and Jodie Fisher (not that one) should hook up.  Note the letter never says that there was an intimate relationship between the two - just that there was a bunch of questionable comments and antics going on.

The letter came.  Hurd handed it to his General Counsel.  He was out in under a month.

Put this letter away in a file somewhere.  If you work in HR for more than 5 years, you'll need it someday to slap someone to attention - it could work for a manager of people at any level.  

(email subscibers may need to click through to see embedded letter)

Allred Letter Redacted New



WOW. Thanks for the juicy scoop!

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