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"BARs" (Big Audacious Rewards) in the Social Media Age....

"Nancy!  Get payroll on the line.  I want to cut some $5,000 spot bonus checks for my senior team so I can hand them out tonight at our Christmas dinner..."

Used to be you could do that and have it be your little moment with your team.  That's no longer the case in the digital era.  Consider this AOL story from Business Insider: Humanfund

"AOL hosts a "global operating meeting" twice a year.  It's holding one right this very moment in New York to firm up the company's plans for 2012.

A couple sources tell us that Tim Armstrong just opened the meeting by giving everyone in attendance – about 150 execs – a $10,000 bonus on the spot.

"About $1.5 million just for showing up!" says our incredulous source.

An AOL PR rep declined to comment."

Ugh.  Your little moment in the digital era can be tipped to an industry insider whose job it is to create 20 posts a day on anything - and I mean anything - that's going on in your industry.    This story was tipped as the checks were handed out.  How's the rank and file feel about this one?

Layoffs, schmaoffs.  Things are good at the top.

My suggestion?  Give your team a note that says a donation has been made in their name to the "Human Fund".  Money for people...


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