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You ever get added to a mailing list and wonder how you got on it?  Of course you have.  

Here's an interesting one - I've been added to the EEOC's marketing list, which I suppose shouldn't suprise me since I'm an HR Blogger.  Here's what the header of the email looks like:

---------- Message ----------
From: _____ Brown <______.Brown@eeoc.gov>
Date: Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 4:25 PM
Subject: EEOC sues AT&T in Puerto Rico and Capri Home Care in Tampa
To: hrcapitalist@gmail.com

So I'm being marketed to in an effort to raise awareness of the EEOC's actions against Capri Home Care (alleged pregnancy discrimination) and AT&T (failure to provide reasonable accommodation for an employee who lost their eyesight).

Why I love it:  Clearly, if I was running the agency, I would probably do the same thing.  Market the agency.  We only take on the legal cases for the situations we REALLY believe are crappy ways to treat Americans, so let's broadcast it out.  Gotta market the mission of the agency.  Press release distributed to bloggers - check!

Why I hate it:  The press releases are written in a way where guilt is assumed.  Of course, we don't have a legal finding yet.  I've got a bit of a problem with that.  I'm for opportunity for pregnant individuals, accommodations for folks who lose their eyesight, apple pie and America.  But I don't know the other side.  The press release pretty much assumes guilt, and most people who receive it are going to make the same correlation.  

The lawsuits pretty much assume that the employees in question got bullied by a evil company.

Of course, a broadcast press release by the EEOC assuming guilt could be viewed as a bully tactic as well.  

For AT&T, I'm not sure it hurt them at all.  For Capri Home Care (11-50 employees via LinkedIn and all identifiable employees in my LinkedIn view are women)?  I suspect it damages their reputation a good bit more as a smaller company.  


Joel Kimball

The government? BULLYING companies? *blubber spit shocked face*

Say it ain't sooooo, Chris!


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