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Join Me In Vegas for HR Tech and HRevolution: Here's What We'll Do to Hang Out...

I’m not going to blow smoke up your shorts and tell you I know what’s going on in Vegas.

I don’t get Vegas. So if you’re coming for advice on what to do while you’re in town for the HR Technology Conference and/or HRevolution, I suggest you call Tim Sackett. He’s got Vegas sensibilities, all of which are detailed in this post at the HR Capitalist. Note the tour bus badge necklace in the picture embedded in that JustAnotherNightatTheDresden post. It says Vegas to me.

As an alternative, you could call Lance Haun for dinner suggestions. The last time I was in town, Lance handled dinner plans and we ended up at Benihana in the Hilton for dinner. That’s right – a garden variety Japanese grill that you can get in Nashville and Albany. Sinatra and Sammie use to be cornered up in a high-end club with the Rat Pack. Lance and I were ordering off a bent menu from a cook with noticeable body odor who ended up being one more “You look like a basketball player” comment from getting the beat down from this NBA rookie, who was at our table.

Still want to hang with me after hours in Vegas? Great, here’s how we’ll roll:

1. We’ll spend time at the Hilton Sports Book. I was raised in the heartland of Missouri and routinely mock those buying lottery tickets, thanking them for opting in to the voluntary tax on the uneducated. Like the church lady, I’m a little bit superior in this area. Betting on a game is the only way I can get myself to actually place a bet and enjoy it.

2. We’ll do a lot of walking, people watching and revisit every quote from Swingers and Oceans 11. If there’s one thing white guys can do, it’s recite direct quotes from movies we love. Sidenote – how the hell did Vince Vaughn get so heavy? Wow. PS: You’re like a big bear. You’ve got these claws. And you don’t know how to kill the bunny.

3. We’ll end up in the food court in the basement area of one of the big hotels to bask in the humanity. Ellis Island is shut down, but its spirit lives on in the low-end food court of any of the casinos, where all 50 states are represented across all socio-economic classes. Give me your huddled masses, your citizens in search of a crappy slice of pizza, or perhaps the casino combo. It’s the fuel they need to get back to the slots.

4. If we run out of cool things to see, we’ll head back to the conference hotel after texting Bill Kutik to watch him interact with the valet parking guy as he has his Alfa Romeo 159 pulled up. We’ll then ask him what he said to the Hertz rep to get that upgrade for the price of a midsize. He’ll rightfully beam with pride. Complimenting the host of HR Tech in a way that’s memorable to him check.

I know. I’m a Vegas machine. I’ll be there all week for HR Tech, so tip your waitresses and please – try the veal.

Join me at HR TEch by registering online. Just enter HRCAPITALIST (case sensitive) in the Promo Code field and receive $500 off the conference standard rate of $1,795. You pay only $1,295 for everything but only before the discount expires on September 19 – just days away.


Lance Haun

Cold blooded.

Gerry Crispin

We won't be together...again. Think Mario Batalli dinner w a nice Moscato for the primo, a Borolo for the Secundo and a port with some cheese to finish, plush seats at a poker table at Bellagio and cabs to get around.

On the other hand, I'm personally inviting you to attend the celebration reception at HRTech for the winners of the first Candidate Experience Awards. Nearly 12,000 candidates from approx 30 firms that applied AND met initial standards have completed detailed surveys on their experience (we had 58 firms apply). So maybe we can hang after all.

HR Direct

Wish I could go this year it was so much fun last year

Dwane Lay

All of those sound like fun. I'm in.

hr consultants mumbai


spellen online

party and have fun at the casino... wow.

HRIS Systems

Can't wait to go to this year's conference. HR software conferences are so informational and a great time for networking.


Nice and effective share for read.

Atul Paliwal

Nice information, I like to read your blog.

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