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I had the pleasure of leading a panel on Monday at the Halogen Software User Conference in Atlanta. Halogen puts on a great conference for the HR pros who use their solution in the field, mixing education and user feedback on their solution with general HR tracks.  They're one of the best in my eyes.

I had a great panel talking about Talent Management issues these HR pros should keep their eyes on in the coming year.  The picture below is our panel, including @CathyMartin @MikeHaberman @Havrilla (Chris), with the hashtag for the conference being #HSUC11.

Halogen blogger panel

And yes, that's the panel holding hands.  That's how we roll.  When I do a panel, I'm like Oprah - except I'm white and can knock down a 15 ft jumper consistently off a baseline screen.  Oprah can't do that - I've seen her play... 

Here's the money question from the crowd yesterday: "How do we use social media to drive retention?"

Me: "Start by making sure your employees have access to social media".  Ha.

To be fair, the person who asked the question was undoubted a user and proponent of social media in her organization.  However, when I asked a show of hands related to how many people were blocking social media in their companies, half the hands went up.

So, if you want retention via social media, start with access for all.  Then promote the hell out of the people who are using it for business and professional purposes.  Transparency!  Even if some smart recruiter like Chris Havrilla will ultimately use that tool to try to steal them from you, that's the way you should go.  Use their work on social media in the right way, and chances are they won't go when they get the call.


Cathy Miisildine-Martin

Great job leading panel. Sorry I missed you before you left. Maybe SHRM-Atlanta conference???

Melany Gallant

Hi Kris,

Glad you enjoyed leading the panel discussion at #HSUC. We had great feedback from attendees on the discussion.

Another gem from the panel discussion was that allowing employees access to social media provides opportunities for them to act as brand ambassadors. If you want to attract the best - then let your talent demonstrate what a great company you are to work for.

Oh and thanks for including the above photo in this post. :)

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