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You'll look at the chart below and say, "Yeah, Kris - I knew that.  Big Deal".

Of course you know about texting.  You're a savvy blog reader.  Well played.

But then when you look around, none of the HR technology stacks you use incorporate texting as the equal of email.  Oops.

Look at the chart below and the numbers.  Your HR practice probably needs to be somewhere in that mix.  Does your open position or call for performance feedback have a better shot at being acted upon if it's emailed or texted?

Used to be email without question.  That is changing fo sho...

(see the article and chart at Business Insider)




Let's face it if feedback doesn't come back instantly, it's not going to come back at all!


Genuine feedback is almost instant

Joel Kimball

Hey, baby, you wanna get some feedback from me, you gotta hit me on the hip.

Check it. Solid.

Dave Rietsema

I think it really depends on the leader of the HR department. If they're younger they will be far more likely to use text, a habit that will rub off on their direct reports. I think we have a long way to go before text becomes a primary means of communication in the larger HR community.


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