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UNREAL: Hey Comrade: Don't Forget the Mandatory NLRB Posting...

My wife's a career prosecutor.  She reminds me when I don't think my vote will matter that the appointments that happen when you elect a president or governor are often more important than any actions the president or governor can enact on their own.

So elect your officials with the king-like appointments they'll make in mind. Clinton

Example - Appointed officials to the National Labor Relations Board.   You probably didn't catch this, but the current leadership has appointed people to the NLRB who think you should have to do a mandatory NLRB posting that reminds your employees that they have the right to unionize.

I kid you not.  Really?  That's what the leadership of our country thinks is a good idea?  UNREAL.

Here's the full rundown, which you should read because this is going into play soon.  Not into reading that kind of message?  Here's the cliff notes courtesy of Jon Hyman:

  • It is mandatory for all employers who are subject to the NLRB—union and non-union (which is nearly all private sector businesses).
  • Beginning November 1, each NLRB regional office will be able to provide a copy of the notice free of charge, or employers can print it directly from
  • The NLRB will also make translated versions available, which must be posted at workplaces where at least 20% of employees are not English-proficient.
  • Employers also must post the notice on an intranet or an internet site if they customarily post personnel rules and policies there.
  • The rule has no record-keeping or reporting requirements.
  • The NLRB may treat any failure to post as an unfair labor practice.

What more can I say?  I'm sure the economy will really take off if we just do this posting...

Remember the power of the appointed official next time you vote.



In Soviet Russia, union organizes you!

Beth Armknecht Miller

This is just another reminder to focus on increasing employee engagement in your organization. If people are happy with their jobs there is no reason for a union. We should all have the goal of keeping employees engaged and the unions out of our businesses!


I agree with Beth. We have union and non-union employees. And one of our colleges teaches labor relations, training future leaders on either side of the bargaining process. Whether or not there is an NLRB poster, our employees know they have a right to organize. Fear not! A poster won't spark any sort of organizing drive; however, employees who feel treated badly might be motivated to organize if they feel they have no other option.

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