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The Best Hard*$$ Quotes of Outgoing Apple CEO Steve Jobs....

You've probably already heard - Steve Jobs is leaving Apple, meaning one of the all time greats related to innovation - as well as being direct and hard on people - is leaving the leadership ranks.

We love the dichotomy of Jobs here at the Capitalist - creative and numbingly hard on people - so here's a rundown of our favorite post to say thanks, and to remind you that the best leaders are many times perceived as incredible harda$$es by folks like you and me.

Posts on Jobs at the Capitalist:

S*** Steve Jobs Says: The Difference Between a VP and a Janitor....

S**T STEVE JOBS SAYS: Still Proving Great Leadership Isn't Always Pleasant...

Steve Jobs and the Holy Grail of Hostile Interviewing.....

Play on Steve. Sometimes you've got to be hard to show you care...


Bill Kutik

Thank you, Kris Dunn, for recalling how Steve Jobs really was on the job. By chance, I was talking with an Apple HR person from the late 80's yesterday, who described Jobs as the most abusive boss he'd known. The HR guy spent all his days explaining to employees they weren't really fired, that they weren't witless buttheads, and otherwise excusing the abuse Job had heaped on them.

Made some mighty fine products, though. Is that what it takes?


Hi Bill -

I know... If you look at the posts for each one of those quotes, the real lesson I'm trying to drive home is that the great ones are often a little crazy. Should HR be OK with that? I think they have to be, and like your friend, HR has to do the best they can to maximize the situation, because when a guy can take a company's market cap from 3B to 347B, he could have his grandma in chains in the lobby, and guess what?

He's staying. Interesting stuff...


Joel Kimball

Frickin' awesome. Shared w/my OCM and people. My take on this (Joel Speak) is that "some of us [we] make the decisions others can't or won't make". This is a much more elegant way to put it - "no more 'reasons' allowed".

Not am Apple guy or Jobs fan, but these links are awesome - thanks!


Obama @whithouse should take a lesson - backing down from Boehner is NOT the way to lead.

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