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Making Fun of Disney at HR Florida (#HRFL11)

Chill out Disney social media monitoring team.  There’s a backstory here.

Here’s the scene on Sunday from HR Florida in Orlando – I’m presenting as part of a workshop along with the talented Michael VanDervort, Ben Eubanks, Bryan Wempen and Victorio Milian.  The following question comes from the gallery:

Sharp lady from the Hospitality Industry in Orlando:  "Kris, I get what you’re saying.  We need ES to post jobs via social, got it.  How do we cut through the noise with all the other entities that are posting jobs in the hospitality industry in Orlando?" 

Me: Who’s your biggest competitor for talent in the area?

Sharp lady:  Duh!  Disney!

Me:  I’d start building a personality around your social media content that makes fun of Disney.

The crowd let out a collective groan/gasp.  You would have thought that I just dropped an F-bomb on someone who didn’t deserve it.

The reality, as I explained, is that simply posting jobs on social media properties isn’t enough.  Orlando’s a great case study for that.  Hospitality industry, everyone’s going after the same talent pool.  Everyone’s doing it the same way.  It’s hard to cut through the noise.  Everyone is posting jobs via social channels - it's become a commodity.

That’s why you have to have a content strategy and personality behind your brand.  Why would I want to work for you?

You’re like the other 50 employers.  You’re a commodity.  You're boring in that way.

But wait - You’re like the other 50, but you’re willing to tell me why you aren’t like Disney.  I’m now listening.

Disney is the 800-pound gorilla in this market.  Not everyone can work for Disney.  Lots of good people don’t want to work for Disney.  Fear of mice, past negative experience, whatever...

So be brave enough to tell them why you’re not like Disney.  I guarantee you that people will listen, mainly because everyone else is playing the “me-too” game to the guargantuan Disney brand.

"We’re like Disney, but a little bit smaller." 

No you’re not.  You’re Embassy Suites on International Drive in Orlando. The Embassy mothership has a lot of stuff going on other than helping you compete against your local competition.   Take responsibility for yourself and tell the local candidate pool why you aren't like Disney, how you're different.

Claim that space, and you’re on your way.



We've made a career by differentiating ourselves and making fun of one another. It works! Good advice! ;)


Having the same discussion right now with a local transportation firm trying to hang onto good truck drivers. Everyone's throwing around hiring bonuses, no one focuses on retention or loyalty. So they want to do some research to figure out how to hang onto the good ones once they've acquired them.

And just like Orlando hospitality, it's not enough to say who you aren't.

William Tincup

Fear of mice... and, a very real fear of clowns... #sadbuttrue

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