The Top 100 Movie Quotes for HR Pros: #85 is "You Know What The Best Part of My Day Is?" (Good Will Hunting)...
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Here's the Money Quote of the Day to Impress Your CFO (or Friends In Finance)...

Don't act like you don't need it, HR.  You want me on this wall, you NEED me on this wall.

Here's a quote to get your friends in Finance chuckling and then quoting something you said repeatedly on and off for the next year:

"Costs are like fingernails.  They grow organically and must be cut regularly."

Boom.  You're welcome.

Quote comes to you from my travels this week, from an organization that - let's just say - values fiscal responsibility...

You think it sounds hokey?  That's OK, use it playfully (I'd use it in the voice of Carl from Caddyshack) to lighten the mood so the Finance folks don't think you're taking yourself too seriously.

Deliver this one right, and they'll quote you - HR - often.  That seems like a good place to be with kids from Finance.


Becki G

Thanks for the fantastic quote! I am in a smaller organization (my CFO is also my CEO)...can't wait to share it.


This is a great quote and so very true! I can't wait to share it with my small business owner friends.

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