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Expense Reports That Get You Fired: Did the Receipt for Your Company Picnic Look Like This?

Because if it did, you won't have a job when this one goes through accounting.  Check out the receipt for a recent company party below, then see the notes below the receipt for the company and circumstances.



-obviously RedBull is used for mixed drinks these days.
-1 Corona?
-A bottle of Captain Morgan is only $10?  No wonder that's all I see on ESPN these days, they're selling it to 25 year olds with no cash.
-and yeah, that's a $24K tip.

The company?  The Stanley Cup champion (pro hockey) Boston Bruins.  More from Boston.com:

"The party continued over the weekend for the Stanley Cup champion Bruins, who tore it up at Shrine nightclub at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Conn., Saturday night. When all was said and done, the Black and Gold racked up a four-hour bar tab that according to Shrine totaled $156,679.74, and included the now-famous $100,000.00 bottle of Ace of Spades "Midas" champagne, which was a gift according to Bruins players Shawn Thornton and Zdeno Chara.

The tab also lists a built-in tip of $24,869.80 for Danielle (the server whose name is on top of the tab below), which we imagine she had to split up with a few other servers at Shrine."

So go ahead and get the non-generic soda for your picnic.  Show accounting this receipt and tell them it's all relative.

(hat tip to Deb F, Capitalist reader)



I was going to guess this was from the Mavericks celebration. Didn't see the CT address up top.

Also, forgive my snobbery, but 136 Bud Light? Stanley Cup champs and your primary beer of choice is Bud Light?


The bottle of Capn' was $100, and it was $10 for a glass/shot. Stay thirsty...

Michael Haberman SPHR

All I can say is "un-effin believable". But I guess the waitress was earning that tip and it probably took away all the temptation she may have had to sue for groping, sexual harassment, etc.


My entire salary is only slightly more than the amount of that tip. Goodness gracious.

Philip Turnbull

Gotta love when one of your fav bloggers mentions hockey. Go Bruins! =)

Arlene Marie Daniels

Very creative post! Haha! If a receipt like this would get anyone fired, the person will surely spiral into depression for sure. Then they would have to read stuff like this http://www.depressionatwork.com.

This post made me laugh. Thanks again! :D


I won't feel so bad splurging for organic at our next company summer picnic, yow!

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