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Workforce Planning: China Vs. Mississippi is Easy From a Cost Perspective, Right?

Human Resources and Human Capital Pros:  Listen Up.

Costs are dramatically shifting when it comes to using China to plug in offshore production/outsourcing into your workforce planning model.

Consider this:

"The Chinese coastal region's wages were 48 percent of Mississippi's in 2010 and will reach an estimated 69 percent in 2015.

Read the rest of the detail in a post I did over at Fistful of Talent earlier in the week.

Mississippi is the new China?  Interesting.  And wacky...


Joel Kimball

It's allllll about the loooooong supply chain. You want six weeks of bad crankshafts en route from The People's Republic when you find out there's a problem with the metallurgy? Or <6 DAYS? Easy.

Not such an issue with lead-filled kids toys. HUGE issue with more-complex manufactured items.

This was entirely predictable - we're already living it in the auto bidness. Now, stuff manufactured in China for the Chinese? Why, THERE'S an opportunity for an entrepeneurial sort of person!

Good stuff as always, KD!

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