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What I'm Working On: VP of HR in the ATL....#HRjobs #trenchhr

Hey Kids - here's a job I'm currently working on for a CEO in Atlanta - the industry is hospitality, the challenges are many and whoever I put in the job gets to build a pretty cool shop from the ground up in a company with 10,000+ associates.

The right candidate will provide equal parts HR strategy and leadership, HR execution and personal assertiveness, which is required to tell the CEO when he’s crazy. Seriously. That’s what the CEO we’re working for wants. We think it’s healthy, and in an odd turn of events, it practically ensures the CEO is not crazy. Ironic.


Friends of who we ultimately hire will say the rockstar can do the following better than anyone else:

• Recruit Like the U.S. Army at a NASCAR Event. Our client is in the hospitality industry on a national scale. They’d like to upgrade their approach to recruiting, and in order to do that you’ll need to think big. How can you drive the raw numbers/quality/performance/retention, in that order, as you build the recruiting arm of this company? Join our client and you’ll get the biggest talent sandbox of your career (tens of thousands associates hired annually).

• Play Defense. Our client’s business means you’ll have to drive compliance strategies related to immigration, worker’s comp and every other area with a thick legal mandate. If you’re intrigued and know what that entails, you’re still a candidate. If you’re appalled, you’re probably not a fit.

• Play Offense. To this point, we’ve talked a lot about challenges related to the field organization at our client company. If all we needed was enforcement, this would be an easy spot to fill. Happily, we’re also looking for someone who can drive the people strategy in all the areas you would expect in addition to recruiting – performance management, training and development, onboarding, engagement and retention, etc. Sound like you? Have a portfolio ready to showcase your upstream skills in these areas.

• Be Bad Cop/Good Cop. Having thousands of hourly associates means you’ll need to put on your investigative hat once in awhile and get to the bottom of bad stuff that happens whenever 2 or more people work together. Can you take a call on the Batphone related to a “situation” and immediately break down what needs to happen to get the bottom of the issue, protect associates and limit liability to the company in a Union-Free environment? Yes? Have you ever called your phone the “Batphone”? Nice! Read on…

Interested?  Not your career level, but know someone who would rock in the role?  Hit the job posting here and apply or forward the job to a friend who's looking for a new challenge at the VP/SVP level.

Think of me as your personal Ari Gold.  Let's hug it out.



My desk is as organized as a Major's.

The car I drive has a large number on the side.

I hit like a center and run like a quarter back.

Investigate like a Charlie's Angel and close the case like a Robo Cop!

This job could be a match!


This is a great job description... very creative!

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