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How Do You Collect Ideas? Think!

I commented on a blog post today over at HRU Technical Resources - one of the primaries at the firm is Tim Sackett, who's a friend of mine and a gold-level blogger at Fistful of Talent...

Anyway, my comment was meant to be snarky in response to a member of Tim's team starting up her blogging career, and wondering if she had enough to say (among other things).  My comment:

"Hi Amanda -

Welcome to the digital world.  Just keep a small notepad tucked in a pocket protector like Tim, and you'll have more than enough ideas to fill up your blogging goals....


Ha-ha.  Reminds me of a great scene in Fight Club (How's that working out for you?  How's what working out?  Being clever...)

Anyway, as it turns out, Tim gets all the blog comments and sends me the following note:

"Dude –

Funny thing – I have a little flip notebook I keep on my desk, just for those inspirations! Hater.  IMG00209


Tim even sent me a picture of this notebook, appropriately titled "Think" (pictured to the right).  The only thing that could have made it better was if it had an exclamation point behind it...

"Think!"  More of a call to action from my point of view...

But one thing this brief exchange reminded me of was that I generally flow in and out of being systematic in capturing my most creative ideas.  Sometimes I'm a notebook guy, sometimes I'm the digital guy, etc. 

Sometimes I really suck at making sure the A-list ideas I have are captured.

How do you do it?  Do you have a pad titled, "Think!"?  Do you email yourself?  More importantly, how do you put that stuff to action?

I gotta get better at this part of my life.  I'm thinking about having Tim order two next time he's at the "Think" store.  Seriously.


Bill from @TheLadders

As a copywriter, I spent years with a notepad handy. But now I've replaced the pad with my iPhone notepad. It's ALWAYS on me, after all.


I use the voice memo app on my iPhone. Doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, if an idea strikes I leave myself a memo. I don't have to worry about having to carry a notepad around and I can also play back my memos and noodle them a few times. Works well for me.


I'm a working mom with 3 kids under the age of 6. I never remember anything for very long. What I do have time to write down goes on a Post-It. Post-It does not go away until it's stored somewhere electronically.

I do what I can, but I need something to keep notes in the car. Rob's voice memo app is a great idea.

Trish McFarlane

I use my droid voice memo app the most because I often have ideas while I'm driving or in between buildings as I walk around the campus at work. I also love my moleskine and I keep a small one in my car and one at work. The most important thing is to capture the idea somewhere because as soon as I don't, that is the time I sit down to write and can't remember it at all.

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