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Engage! = BS

True story - friend of mine is an Operations guy at a midwest company and is at their annual management retreat in San Diego this week...

The brand they came up with for the event?  "Engage!".

It was the exclamation point that got me.  On cards.  Swag bags.  You know the drill...

If you need to brand your event "Engage", I think you're already behind the 8-ball.  If you brand it with an exclamation point ("Engage!), then I think you're a total fraud.  Maybe it's just me, but a bunch of people coming off a deep recession and asked to do more with less all the time - I just think they deserve a retreat without the marketing consultants encroaching on their mental state with a human capital branding event...




-Get Up to Get Down! (golf reference)

Insert your alternative snarky human capital branding statement for this management retreat <here>....


Tim Sackett

Stop Sucking!


Regulate! (shout out to Warren G and Nate Dogg)


Smile & Dial!


Coffee is for Closers!

Tim Sackett

Make Management Bigger Bonuses!
Branded "MMBB!"

Tim Sackett

Don't Impregnant The Help!


Wait, we both have BS in our blog post titles.

Get outta my brain, today!

Tom Logue



"Mission Accomplished"

Jared Hooste

"At Least We Are Spending SOME Money On You!"


re: Engage! - I have an image in my head of a couple of Trekkies in that department who came up with the name. And they snicker to themselves every time they read it, or secretly wish Jean Luc Picard could be the keynote speaker.

Wait, I think I just outed myself.


It is an inside joke for those who love Star Trek: Next Generation. Long live Picard!

Chris Walker



We care! (oh, wait - that's been used by so very many organizations it makes me hork)... everyone who worked for one particular organization used to begin the "We care!" statement with either "Like" or "As IF" ;)

Judi with an Eye

well, you know a man came up with that slogan - because a woman would have suggested MARRY! :-D

Stuart Shaw


Amy Lewis

Spotted on the mugs? "Earl Grey, hot."


(S**t! We used that word last quarterly meeting!)



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