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Odds are you're a progressive company when it comes to performance management. While you haven’t drank the Kool-Aid that suggests you should eliminate performance reviews altogether, you’re sensitive to the fact that once-a-year performance reviews don’t work. 

So you changed the game.  You put in a coaching model for your managers and trained them up.  You made sure your performance system was a two-way conversation - at least on paper. Kinetix_5faces

There's just this one little problem with your model.  The objects of your affection (your team members) aren’t static targets for your managers to practice on. They’re human beings, full of emotions, bias and inflated self-esteem.  For real.

That's why I did a whitepaper over at Kinetix called "The 5 Faces Managers See During Performance Reviews" to give the scouting report on the most common personas your managers will have to deal with in the performance process, including the following:

1. The Diva: The Diva thinks he’s a world class performer but has lots of development needs.  A star in his own mind.  

2. The Deflector: The Deflector could do more in his role on your team, but let’s face it: He’s been dealt a terrible hand at this jalopy you call a company.  Just ask him. 

3. The 9 to 5'er: A classic profile – she’s looking to work 40 hours and can become easily offended when you ask for more. 

Sound familiar?  What can you do?  

Simple - Either give your managers tools to deal with the objections, or give them quality instructions on how to assume the fetal position without pulling a hamstring.

You're picking tools over the fetal position? Sweet. If you want to read more, go get the whitepaper here (registration required).  Not a sales pitch, just interesting reading and a great way to help your managers out.  I wrote it, so if you like what you get here, you'll like the whitepaper...

If you find registration for content personally appalling, I don't even know who you are anymore.... Just kidding, just email me or hit me in the comments if you're hiding from the authorities and are naturally suspicious, and I'll send you the PDF...


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