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Let me be the first to say that I've got a track record of being impatient with SHRM National.  As the national association of record for HR pros, I don't really want them to be everything to everyone.  I want them to be uniquely focused on serving what I think is most important to me.  LOL.  That's human nature, and it reinforces the reality that you have to take SHRM-bashing with a grain of salt when it comes from people like me.

I've floated in and out of active involvement with SHRM, both at local, state and national levels.  I'm a member.  I'm certified with the SPHR.  But I float in and out.  Like Meatloaf said, "2 out of 3 ain't bad"... Take my rants for what they are, because they may not have anything to do with your reality.

BUT - and there is a big but - when you see people with decades of experience serving in the SHRM infrastructure having issues with the national organization that is SHRM, you probably should investigate.

With that in mind, I offer you the voice of Gerry Crispin.  Let me tell you what I know about Gerry Crispin - he's an incredibly talented guy who runs an unbelievable shop called CareerXroads (along with Mark Mehler), which is a staffing strategy firm with their finger on the pulse of everything under the sun in the recruiting world.  Gerry's also a giver - he's one of the nicest people I've ever met in the business, willing to be honest and approachable all the time with anyone in our line of work.  He's also a huge believer historically in SHRM, and would probably tell anyone who rants against the organization that the best way to change SHRM is to get actively involved.

When people like Gerry have concerns over the direction of SHRM, it should mean a lot to you.  Gerry recently did a post over at CareerXroads outlining his involvement in a group called SHRM Members for Transparency (SMFT), a movement that was reported first and with high quality by John Hollon at TLNT.  Here's a rundown of the issues that SMFT outlines on their website:

Board Compensation

Board Perks

Dues Linked to CPI

Lack of HRCI Priorities

CEO Job Specifications

Board Election Issues

Reversed Policies

Hit the SMFT website for more detail on these areas of concern, and to learn more why people with 20+ years of high-level volunteer work with SHRM are concerned about the direction of the organization, and why frustration seems to be building that SHRM is unwilling to listen and unwilling to be truly transparent with its membership.  For the SHRM employees who are reading this, you're a talented group - lots of killer HR professionals (as well as other disciplines) work at SHRM, which is another reason why the voice of Crispin and the other members of SHRM Members for Transparency should matter to every SHRM member.

Be informed. Take a read.  


John Hollon

Thanks Kris, for your kind words about the coverage of SHRM and the Transparency Group concerns on TLNT.

Although others seem to have problems acknowledging it, TLNT not only was the first to write about this important issue, but we had numerous stories about it as well as what the SHRM Board was doing (or failing to do, which is probably more correct) that led up to it.

Anyone who wants all the background on these issues should check out TLNT, because we have deep and detailed background on just what Gerry Crispin is talking about.


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