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Kris Dunn Just Scored a 47 on the Wonderlic Test!!

Not really, but wouldn't it be cool if that were the case?  47 out of 50!  You'd know I was really, really smart.  Savant-like really. Wonderlic scores

Of course, you'd have no clue whether I could actually perform any job in your organization to a satisfactory level...

For those of you who don't know, the Wonderlic is a cognitive ability test, and it's always heavily publicized this time of year due to its use at the NFL combine.  Greg McElroy scored a 48 and is really smart.   Vince Young scored a 6 and we wonder why he struggles.

Overreactions ensue.  Overreacting to any single measurement when evaluating talent is a sucker's play.

I'd say McElroy's success in the NFL will have more to do with whether he has the arm stregth to throw a 20 yard out against NFL cornerbacks.  Vince Young seems to have struggled in the NFL due to emotional reactions and meltdowns when things go wrong.

Both unrelated to the Wonderlic.  Don't fall in love or get divorced from talent over one metric.

Your momma told you to shop around.  Good advice when viewing talent from the perspective of a single measurement.



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