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Your Employees Think They Are Smarter Than You....

They think they are smarter than you In many ways, and many times they're correct.  To keep it simple, I'll just focus on one way today.  Tell me if this morality play happens in your company:

Your employee: Opens up browser to post something witty on Twitter or Facebook. Smartphone

Your network: Blocks the employee from accessing the social network in question, perhaps with the digital equivalent of a little finger wagging at the employee (bonus malice points if the message the employee sees refers to the social network in question as “the” Facebook/Twitter).

Your employee: Promptly swivels in chair to access the social network in question through the browser on his or her smart phone. Your company isn’t blocking cell towers in your buildings, right?

The verdict: Employee continues to think they are smarter than you. Based on this morality play, they have a decent case...

At some point, your company is going to realize how many times this happens daily and how much more productive your employee could be if they could just use social media on their work-issued desktop or laptop.  My new article at Workforce is up, so click here to find out the four things you'll need to figure out once your company opens up social media/networking access.

You're going to open up the network eventually.  May as well get your head around it now...



Working at one of the most conservative companies out there as it relates to social media, I can attest that this is happening at any given moment across my company. Yes, they are smarter than us - especially since we pay for their smart phones...

Maksim Ovsyannikov

I don't think that am employee specifically "thinks" they are smarter than the organization. I believe that the behavior above is simply a move towards new ways of discovering information and getting things done. The intention isn't to show to the organization that as an employee I am smarter than my boss, it is instead to help everyone accomplish more. My 2 cents... :)

Emily White

Great point and I completely agree. This is 2011. You should be able to trust your employees to manage their time and resources appropriately.

Jason Monastra

That is an interesting persective, however not specific to all verticals. Working in the government space, these types of social platforms are not acceptable due to the amount of security concern. Is it that professionals feel they are more intelligent or they simply do not have the patience for the pace in which companies adopt new technologies into the network. Everyone is well aware of the various security concerns such platforms allow, and how they can be leveraged. So are they smarter or are simply early adopters without a full understanding of the entire situation?

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