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What If Your Job Search Was Covered By an Industry Columnist?

What if your job search or rumors of your search were covered by a media rep?  In today's increasingly niche/fragmented media scene, we're rapidly moving to the point where that could be the case.

Case in point:  This coverage of a Google Exec pondering a move to Twitter from All Things Digital. From the article:

"Sundar Pichai, the man in charge of Chrome and Chrome OS at Google, is being aggressively Sean penn courted by Twitter to be its next head of product, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

However, added sources, Google is fighting hard to counter the Twitter offer, so Pichai could easily stay with his current employer. At Google, which he joined in April 2004, Pichai is a VP of Product Management.

If successful, the hiring of Pichai would be a major raid for Twitter, and mark its place next to Facebook as an up-and-comer in the race to entice away top Google executives."

Free. Agent. Nation.  Could you or I actually carve out a business covering this type of stuff in our metro?  While many employees would be in shock if this happened to them, think about some of the ramifications on how this could work.  Examples:

--You or I could become the one stop shop for recruiting gossip as part of our recruiting practice.

--We could never talk about our clients, instead reporting on rumors we hear from others.  Let's face it, where there's smoke there's fire...

--As we developed a reputation for being a source in our metro or industry, people would start to give us tips.  Misinformation would be included.

--A part of our selling point could be the fact that we never report on clients.  Instead, we report on the rest of the scene.

--We could raise the stock of candidates who want to be talked about through the channel, many of whom become buyers once they're placed.

The mind boggles.  Part of this is tongue in cheek, part of it isn't.  We're rapidly approaching the point where smart people with unlimited access to a blog, Twitter and Facebook can disrupt entire scenes - IF they have the moxie to take the risk...

And yes, that's Sean Penn reacting to similar coverage in the photo above...


Dwane Lay

Sounds amazingly like a media agent for candidates. Not sure what it would pay. In fact, I'd say that a lot of social media has evolved into a self-service media agent for many.

Joel Kimball

I wonder if we'd all have a "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!" guy in our corner, too?

Probably not...:(

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