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Short post today, but very (VERY!) functional...

Topic - how to find candidates on Twitter using search engines, courtesy of super-sourcer Glen Cathey.  Glen recently did a rundown of the advantages of using Bing (the Microsoft search engine) over Google to source candidates via the web.  Go check out the full post here - it's golden.  Here's a tidbit from the post related to how to find candidates on Twitter using Bing:

"With Bing’s NEAR:x functionality, it is remarkably simple to X-Ray Twitter and target people in specific locations who mention specific titles and/or skill terms in their bios.

For example, let’s say you wanted to find Twitter profiles of user experience professionals who live in the New York area. You could run a search like this on Bing: bio near:15 UX location near:3 new york"

Play around with the string - it works like a charm...

If you recruit for a living, I'd subscribe to Glen immediately.  Glen and Kelly Dingee at Fistful of Talent are the gold standards when it comes to sharing digital sourcing advice on the web.


kelly dingee

Very high praise Kris...Thanks so much...Kelly

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