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With all the hubub about WikiLeaks and the promise that the next big data dump of documents is going to take a major bank down, it's worth a thought to wonder how Wikileaks is going to impact your company.

The answer: WikiLeaks probably won't impact your company, but the emergence of alternative media sources looking to break some news embarrassing a major brand is certainly a threat. Top_ten__waynes_world_

It all comes down to a toxic combination:  The scorned, jaded employee and stupid emails.

Case in point.  The Irish branch of PricewaterhouseCoopers, where a group of guys decided to be complete morons related to female trainees.  Read the following from the Belfast Telegraph and tell me whether you think this could go viral if it happened in your company:

"One of the UK and Ireland's largest accountancy firms last night launched an internal investigation in the Republic after male staff were found circulating emails where they rated the looks of their female colleagues.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) started the probe after pictures of young women, who had just recently joined the firm, were sent around and nominated for a "Top 10".  The emails were circulated between a group of up to 17 male staff members within PWC before being forwarded to other businesses as the emails went "viral", spreading across the internet.

The 13 women, whose pictures were accompanied by their names and departments, all recently joined the accountancy firm as trainee accountants or "associates" and are expected to train with the company for the next three years.

The initial email sent around by the group of men had a subject line of "this would be my shortlist for the top 10".  A subsequent comment in the forwarded email says: "Great work... have reservations about the last one getting in."

Is it WikiLeaks?  No, but certainly the type of issue that could kill the momentum of a college recruiting program if you found your company in this situation.

Let's just say that if I'm recruiting against you and this is out there on your company, it might come up if a recruit's choice comes down to my company or yours.  How could it not?

WikiLeaks probably won't impact your company, but stupid email certainly can.  Add this to your harassment program so all know there's no such thing as a private email....



Eric Guess

The board fired the CEO of a company I used to work for on the grounds that she hired an employee (the CFO) based on the fact that they were in a relationship. She sued the comapny for not having enough ground s and later proved that the two really didn't like each too much using emails sent between the two for weeks before and after the hire and that the decision was based purely on sounds business decisions. SO in this case, let the leaks out and all this wouldn't have happened!

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