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Wisconsin SHRM Presentation: They're Ignoring Your Corporate Values....How Dare They!!

Quick post today - I'm in Wisconsin for the always strong Wisconsin SHRM Conference, where I'll be presenting some S##t stirring data on corporate values.  Here's the cliff notes:

-Companies are very consistent in the corporate values they create.  Nice.  All good so far. Lambeau leap

-Companies always create collateral around the values.  Hand out the cards, put up the posters.  Still good.

-Broad cross sections of employees, when asked, say they want the values in question.  Good - they're falling in line - they love us.

-Uh-Oh.  When asked, managers want value sets that are dramatically different than what companies are providing.  It seems like since they're accountable for results, they want values that reflect behaviors they believe help them get business results.  They're selfish like that...

-Uh-Oh #2.  When asked, employees identified as high performers want value sets that are dramatically different than what companies are providing.  Shocker - the high performers want values that place a premium on having talent and competing.

It's all a big mess.  And I'm probably going to say that we should strive to make our corporate values feel meaner to the average employee as a result.

What can go wrong with a message like that?  To reward myself today, I'm thinking about trying to grab a tour of Lambeau Field.  Maybe do the leap if the retired tour guide can't catch me.  I'm tricky like that.



I've done that tour of Lambeau. I know, I know. You are surprised. It's a pretty stadium, good food, and it has better souvenir shopping than the mall in Ashwaubenon.

sarah white

Its so strange that everytime SHRM Wisconsin happens, I'm at an event in another state. I need to just put it on the calendar next year and skip everything else.

Chris Ferdinandi - Renegade  HR

I think the thing for me is that values on paper are pretty much worthless.

It's the stuff you do - the things you make hiring and firing decisions based on, that matter. Not the things you *say* you care about.

Dwane Lay

Values are, IMHO, spin. They don't usually outline what it takes to be successful at a company, and working to really exemplify the values doesn't usually mean you move ahead.


Woot! My home state. Put your hands in the ay-yer for Wisco and bring me back some cheese churds.

Seriously though, I think creativity values that paint a pretty picture about what the company stands for but that pesky cash flow component of doing business are going to sound like platitudes when the rubber hits the road.

I always appreciate seeing companies that make mention of money at least somewhere in their values - at least you know they are being honest.

Eric Guess

Mission, vision values are fluff put out there so upper management can say they've effectively communicated expectations to their underlings. I agree with the Wisconsinite above, be honest! Make the values industry specific and core beliefs attainable, measurable and incentivizable*!

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