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Why Do Email Disclaimers Have to Be So Crappy?

Email disclaimers really suck, don't they?  Boring, written in a foreign language called legalese and and expected...

Seems like fertile ground for some real marketing, as well as some real writing.  

I Recently caught wind of a cool disclaimer from an Atlanta-based company called 22squared, so I started playing around with one for our company.  Here's what I've come up with so far, complete with Comic San font (which I won't subject you to in this post):

Title: Legal Hates Comic Sans 

Intro Text: Sure we had to have a disclaimer… Legal made us, but we didn’t go down without a fight.  We thought to ourselves, “what would make legal withdraw the need for a disclaimer on all emails?” The answer was right in front of our faces: Comic Sans.  Legal hates smiley-type fonts.  So we put this entire disclaimer, written by legal, in Comic Sans.  Take that, suits.  If you don’t see this disclaimer in our next email to you, we’ve won.

At that point, I could either continue writing in this voice and spice up the standard disclaimer, or simply list out what legal wants me to say below this text.

Either way, I've won.  

Of course, the entire disclaimer (what's above and the legal language) would be in actual Comic Sans font.  Take that, suits.


Clarissa Sawyer

Delightful! A terrific idea for demonstrating you and your company's "attitude."


I like the idea and am all for using unexpected tactics to get the company/culture message across. This seems to position Legal as not being a part of the company team - not sipping the same Kool-Aid. 'We've fought', 'We've/They've won' - makes it sound like internal battles are underway.

What about setting up Comic Sans as Legal's idea? Gotta do the disclaimer, no one really likes to have to, so if you gotta do it, you're doing it your way =)

Chris Ferdinandi - Renegade  HR

dude... well done!

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