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SHRM Strategy Conference - "Agents in Social Media" Presentation Slides...

I'm at the 2010 SHRM Strategy Conference today, where I'll be delivering a presentation on the concept of "Agents in Social Media".  The concepts I'm pitching are easy to think about, but hard for most companies to execute.  Here's the skinny on the main sections of the preso:

1. Centralized social media strategies leave money on the table

2. To really get traction with social media, you have to decentralize your approach and LET GO of your need for control.

3. Social Network Analysis (SNA) is the science behind the superficial buzz of Twitter, Facebook and guides your internal/external social media strategy.

4. Agents – people who are experts in what they do for you and know how to use social media tools – are the key to getting a true return out of a social media platform.

5. To deploy “agents”, you can build or buy.  Which approach makes sense for you depends on whether your initial goal is to influence internally or externally.

Most of the presentation is centered around the definition of a social media "agent" in your company - what they are, how to identify them, what they do on your (and their) behalf, etc.  

In a world where it seems like over half of American companies are still blocking their employees from using all or most forms of social media, it's important for HR leaders to know that they have options beyond the company Facebook fan page or corporate Twitter account when it comes to social media strategy.  

Your company wants to block all forms of social media cause they can't trust Johnny to act responsibly?  Great - tell them the centralized approach still sucks as strategy and you've got a better idea - selective deployment of "agents" within the workforce.

You've got better ideas than marketing in this area.  Check out the slides below, but good luck if you're planning on lifting the presentation for your next Rotary club meeting - I'm a picture guy... Call me and I'll tell you what the pictures mean...


Account Deleted

It's totally true that companies need to search for Social Media Agents/Ninjas within their talent first. They might already have the skills that the organization can use. It should align with the overall social media strategy of the company. The CMO and HR should work together in bringing out the right talent.

Chris Ferdinandi - Renegade  HR

Dude, right on! The Zappos Model - creating an awesome culture, and then letting employees talk about it however they want - is a compelling one for sure.

Cheers for giving EMC props in the presentation, too.

- Chris

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