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Had the chance to go see The Social Network over the weekend, which is the Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg story.  Good movie, go see it if you have any interest in how ideas matter in today's economy.

Here's what I got reminded of in the talent world based on the plot, which is based on the story of the founding and rise of Facebook:  The-Social-Network

1. The web has democratized the world.  You want to start a blog, make a video or create a company?  There's a billion people online, and you can hook some of them - IF your idea is a good one.  That's Facebook.  See also Google, Twitter, et al.

2. People with the ability to point intellectual horsepower toward very focused activities can do great things over time.  That's Zuckerberg.

3.  Most of the world doesn't have what it takes to point intellectual horsepower toward very focused activities over time.  That's the world.

4. The people who started the thing with you won't be the ones you finish with if your idea hits big.  They're not right after the first run, and may not have been right to begin with - they just have just been.... There.... That's the co-founder of Facebook and it's first CFO, Eduardo Saverin.

5.  Being born into a wealthy family means less than it ever has, IF you have the ability to do #2.  That's the Winklevoss twins, who had an idea, never executed on the idea and claim Zuckerberg stole their idea.

6.  Ideas can be gold.

7.  But, Ideas are still cheap.

8.  Execution of ideas is hard.

9.  Most people are #3.  When #2 does what's outlined in #2, there's always a bunch of people (those in #5 and #4) who claim they had an idea.  

10.  Those people never execute.  They piddle, but never really execute.

11.  If you want to be rich or simply rock, stop talking and start getting deep into the execution of what you do.

Oh, and there's just this one last thing:

Nerds now rule the world.  Pull your son out of football and send him to programming camp.



after i watched the movie i really ask myself if this guy is such an a**hole in real life. If he really is he does not deserve to be that rich in my opinion.

Sean Conrad

It looks very much to me like Zuck is one of those people who is on the autistic spectrum at the mild end - likely along the lines of Asperger's - who just don't get the social side of things. There are many extremely wealthy folks who fit that description - Bill Gates to name one off the top of my head. Although folks with this issue tend to struggle socially, they do tend to be able to focus great intellectual horsepower over time as Kris states in the article.
I very much agree with the point made above that ideas are cheap and easy... execution is hard.


i justlove this move. this is one of the best movies ive ever seen. One of my friends called it "cinema 2.0" and thats what it is.

Jose - Employee evaluation

It reminds me the movie of Bill Gates, but I don't remeber the name of that movie, does anybody know?

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