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Picture of the Day: Workplace Suicide Nets In China...

If you ever think your workplace sucks... Well, remember that it's all relative..

Today's post is a simple reminder of that fact... BusinessWeek has a great article on FOXCONN, the company that's always thinking about ways to shave another nickel off the cost of your iPhone... FOXCONN is the sprawling manufacturer that has 300,000 employees - in ONE LOCATION... As you might expect, that many employees, being a low cost producer and having your operations based in China is a cocktail resulting in... well, let's just say it puts some pressure on the people side of the businesss.

Keep it in perspective today... (email subscribers, click through for the picture if you can't see it, it's worth it...)

Suicide nets



Erica Lynn

This is extremely disturbing. It does make you put things into perspective...things aren't that bad, I suppose. After reading the business week article....this is sort of like the "Werther effect". You know, one person commits suicide and then a group of others decide to copy. Just crazy!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


I'm totally laughing because I know quite a few people that would think this is a good idea where they work. But really- it's so sad that their leaders know that this is a problem. Their answer isn't to change the environment to prevent the jumping- just put something out there to catch them when they do. Sure makes me feel so very fortunate to work where I do. It's like a gift from God.

John Hunter

I think a good systemic solution will look at what I think all management should look at: practicing respect for people and creating joy in work (and much more). But that isn't an overnight solution, even if they wanted to pursue that strategy. It will take time to change the system. It is something that I think can address the systemic root causes.

Cornell University has a long term problem with suicide jumpers, 6 this year - and they have installed suicide prevention fences (those nets are not seen as an indictment of the professors, or administrators at Cornell) but the nets in China are often seen that way in posts on the internet.

My guess would be having hundreds of thousand of employees that include huge numbers of young people, far away from home is a much bigger factor than "low cost." But that is just a guess, I could certainly be wrong.


China is evil they are communist, people are jumping out of buildings because it's slave labor. It's not a good idea it's tyranny.

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You're probably right that it would have been an awful experience, and they likely would have taken credit in the end for any creative input you had in the process...everything happens for a reason, and I'm sure you're better off where you are now! It also sounds like you learned from it, so that's invaluable!


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China and its government faces some gigantic and unbelievably complex problems. The new Central Committee could either lurch to the extremes or remain more or less centralist. Loud-mouthed denunciations by American presidential candidates will not help.

Chinese Enslavement

Thank you for the post! I just finished reading it up and am very excited to the following series. Just wanted to let you know that your posts/thoughts/articles give me invaluable insights! I cannot really be thankful enough for all that you do! Currently finishing up your Narratives & Numbers as well. What a Gem as well!

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