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An Amazing Infographic On the State of American College and Universities...

Too good not to share.  If you can't see the scrolling inforgraphic/picture below via emal subscription, be sure to click through the site for the view.  It's worth it.  From onlineschools.org, with a hat tip to Dan Schawbel via the Mad Grad.

Check out this goodness.  Crazy stats, especially that in some ways it's harder to graduate from a run of the mill university than Harvard.  Of course, like many things, the reasons are complicated. 

Schools Online
Via: Schools Online


Pat Wood

Great info, I always find infographics really interesting and entertaining. This one gives a fantastic overview of the education system here in the the US.

Eric Shaw

Wow, as a recent graduate, I'm not sure how I feel about all this information. It sounds there is grade and tuition inflation, but lots of students still don't graduate from college, and if they do, their degree is actually WORTH less than ever.

Why do you think this is, and what can we do about it? It seems like it's so engrained in the minds of adolescents that college is simply what you do after high school. Maybe college isn't right for everyone? Perhaps promoting more trade schools is a good alternative. Or incorporating more work-study programs into University curriculum? Also, how do we go about addressing the great socio-economic and racial disparities we see in the demographics? Seems like as a society we need to take a hard look at our higher educational system and address some of these issues!

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