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When Wellness Sucks... Nobody Wins, People...

A lot of you out there are haters when it comes to wellness.  You know who you are... You think that there's no ROI in wellness programs, that companies have no right to push, prod or otherwise seek ways to make employees take care of themselves in an effort to control the overall cost of administering a group medical plan...

This video is for YOU!  Smoke 'em if you got em...

Below is one of the most "money" videos you'll ever see related to wellness.  You want wellness stereotypes?  This video has them all, from the over-bearing internal wellness champion, the cliche' fitness instructor who comes in to do a class, the BS shake-type drink, even the girl hooked on crank who wins the weight loss contest as a result.

Because let's face it, the wellness program that focuses on weight loss WINS!  What's your BMI?  Mine's 14.2.  I'm shooting to get it under 14 by the end of the year. Don't hate me because I'm skinny.  HATE THE GAME...

Watch this video and love it - then click out to the companion site called whenwellnesssucks.com and take the quiz designed to tell you - you guessed it - whether your wellness program sucks.  It was bankrolled by a wellness firm headquartered in Portland named Recess, that's led by a disruptive force whom I admire and respect - Tanya Barham.  She rocks. 

If you see any of your company's wellness program in this video, you might want to call Tanya...


working girl

Bouncing in my chair!

Lance Haun

Recess is really fantastic and I love that they are Portland based.

Connie Costigan

Sorry I can't help it - you angered me at the 14.1 BMI part.


Kris Dunn. The man. The legend. The four time winner of our company's Biggest Loser competition.


Also one correction on the post - video was created by Sockeye Creative and the amazing James Westby on Recess' behalf. Check em out!


PS Their Web site does not do them justice - too busy making the awesome for client who want to do the right thing.

Kay Fairchild

Go to the site and take a look!!

Josh Letourneau

I'm on my way to McDonald's (pronounced "Mack-Donalds" here in good ole' Georgia) :)

It's at these arches (or these pinnacles of life) that I'll order the following:

1 Double Whopper w/Cheese (Extra Mayo)
1 Biggie Size French Fries
1 Apple Pie (warmed to delight the palette)

To top it off, I'll throw in 1 Biggie Diet Coke so I can cut my calories back and earn my Wellness Bucks. :)

After all, if I earn 100, I get a free Bloomin' Onion at Outback :)

P.S. I might also do an intense cardio session to deplete myself even further of any trace minerals I might have left after my Micky-D's free-radical bonanza :)


Kay, homegirl, do we know each other? Like: Know. Each. Other?

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