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New Game at the Capitalist: Dude, Does This HR Video Suck?

New game today at the HR Capitalist called, "Dude, does this HR video suck?"

Today's video was emailed to me from a good friend who thinks it sucks.  I'm not sure.  She says it does the HR profession a disservice, it doesn't position us as strategic, etc.

Take a look and tell me what you think in the comments.  I'll give you my take after the jump...(email subscribers click through for video..)

Me?  I'm torn.  I give props for this HR org using a theater company to do quality acting and the writing isn't half bad.  They could have easily worked in a couple of barbs about succession planning in the mob and even had the HR pro tell the gangsters what their business strategy should be and they would have been golden.

My verdict - it could have been more, but this HR video definitely does not suck.

What about you?

PS - I'm assuming the skirt length is a limitation of the theater company's wardrobe, so don't go there.  Actually, go there if you'd like.


It's Canadian so I give them some slack.

anna smith

I don’t think it sucks. I used to manage a Waffle House and most unit managers I knew did not know how to whack someone the right way…

The video creates awareness – that’s great.


It wasn't great but it didn't suck either - I actually found it amusing and give them credit for finding a unique way to get across a pretty mundane message using a pop culture reference most people know.

D Franklin

On the fence. Overall it was funny, however, I think the message was lost in the acting/writing. It also hints to how disconnected HR and management are sometimes. Almost makes HR look stupid - that we come in all proper and tell you how to run your business without understanding it...
The ones to gain opinions from are front line managers, not your HR buds...
I wouldn't use it - although credit for use of humor. I did Laugh out loud, but to my point, forgot the point because I was looking for the next funny line, but I'm ADD...what were we talking about?

Gotta go there KD...The skirt made me cringe, but not because I'm a middle aged uptight female, but because too many young HR women dress way to unprofessionally, yet expect respect. I do not want to see cleavage on a 20something. I had 2 HR interns interview me recently, and I saw lots of cleavage, skirts about 3" long, and stripper heels. They were so out of touch with business in addition to looking like strippers. No disrespect to the dancing profession.... (I had just told them about the economic impact(s) to our business and layoffs when they asked what additional benefits we were planning for next year and if we were going to purchase an upgraded applicant tracking program...(what part of eliminate workforce, reduced salaries, and reduced benefits didn't you understand?) Curse their professor for not coaching them... Dang, I sound like a middle aged uptight female....oh, yeah, we were talking about the video. Sure, um, it's good...


I didn't like it because it really shows HR as the "rule follower" instead of finding out if the whacking (punishment) fits the offense. It portrays HR as wanting managers to have an engaged workforce yet HR was not engaged with the manager because she didn't understand the offense and the impact on the business.

The video was fun and didn't suck - I just wouldn't use it.

Rob Orr

The video didn't suck, it was humorous. I agree with D Franklin about it making HR look stupid because the "HR Lady" did not have a clue as to the context of the business - oh, she didn't want to be called Lady, my bad...


The message and delivery had potential - but lost it in the execution, er, whacking, er, uh...

Me, I like a woman in a short skirt and a long jacket. 1 for 2 ain't bad.


It doesn't suck, it was actually funny. I would not recommend using it though unless you want to respond to the letter to your Board complaining of the short skirt or the bleeped out *@&$ word.


I think this video is an excellent litmus test. The comments indicate people who don't get it all, people who want to change it with HR processes which wouldn't make it any funnier and others who actually get it. Good for the people who get it.


Humourous yes - but when the official HR Professional Association puts this out it disrespects our profession and portrays us as a profession who can justify whacking just as long as we follow good progressive discipline procedures. What would the CA's or CGA's say about a video that helps a client avoid paying taxes
This does nothing to further the HR profession.

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