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Rickyrubio-thumb-500x500-10258 I'm not one likely to organize an unconference or tweetup, but I'll make an exception this time.

Because this time it's different.  This time we're playing for keeps. As you might expect from me, there's a mixture of Sports and the HR/Recruiting world involved.

I'm pleased to announce the 1st annual "Tremendous Upside" Unconference.  We're designing this for HR and Recruiting pros who happen to love the organizational test tube called the National Basketball Association (also known as the "NBA", "the League", and "the Show").  True to the theme, we're planning on gathering in Vegas on July 9-11 (Friday through Sunday), where the weekend's festivities will be structured around the talent market that is the NBA's Vegas Summer League.

If you're not familiar with the NBA Summer League, the event is an off-season pro basketball league run by the NBA just following the NBA Draft. Teams consist of players who have been in the NBA for 3 years or fewer as well as newly drafted talent. It gives Rookies a chance to practice against other players who are new to the NBA. Games are held throughout the ten days at Thomas & Mack Center and Cox Pavilion on the UNLV Campus.

Dreams are in reach and sometimes crushed in this league, often in the same day.  The unconference will be structured only to the extent that I'll publish a listing of the games we'll be attending. Talent conversations will be in full effect during those sessions and once we leave the gym, and trust me, the event will be THICK with HR/Recruiting/Talent related contrast.  There are no speakers, and you're responsible for your own tickets, hotel (once we gage the interest, we'll potentially deem one hotel the unconference HQ) and travel.  There's no conference fee either, BTW.  To be eligible to attend, you have to have 3 things: A career in the HR/Recruiting industry, an interest in the NBA or sports in general, and cash available for the trip.  Make that four things - a sense of humor as well.  Don't be rolling into Tremendous Upside all serious and stuff. 

The unofficial logo of the Tremendous Upside Unconference is the image of Ricky Rubio that appears to the side of this post.  If you get that, you're a prime candidate for Tremendous Upside.  If you don't get it but would like to, you're still a prime candidate to enjoy this experience.

Loose confirmations of attendance include the following:  Kris Dunn, Tim Sackett, Steve Boese, Lance Haun and Matthew Stollak.  If you fit the 4 eligibility requirements outlined above and want to attend (EOE alert - females are welcome at this event, it just so happens that all the HR/Recruiting + NBA cronies I know are guys - go figure), sign up at our Eventbrite page here, then DM me via twitter at http://twitter.com/kris_dunn or email me.  We'd love to have you be a part of the Tremendous Upside experience.

If the experience is a hit, I smell expansion of Tremendous Upside to Spring Training in 2011.  Join us - you deserve it. You've got Tremendous Upside...


Steve Boese

I hope I get to meet Gus Johnson, I have to believe he will be calling some of the games.


Actually, Steve, if Gus is there, I might be able to arrange that meeting.

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