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Sad but true.  The AFL-CIO is shutting down both their retail store in DC AND their online store.  Doesn't shutting down an online store pretty much admit NO ONE is buying your stuff?  Anyway, you need to buy some stuff now, because you may not be able to find this "unions rock" stuff in the future.  Let's go to the announcement and then talk about how we can help save the AFL-CIO store after the jump:

"Now’s the time to get a bargain on union-made, made-in-America products including  apparel, such as hats, jackets and shirts, mugs and more. The AFL-CIO’s The Union Shop Online<https://unionshop.aflcio.org/>TM has it all—for Union half price. Take advantage of this great 50 percent-off deal now: The offer is good only while supplies last and many of the shop’s most popular items are already sold out. But we still have some of the popular Fiesta pitchers.

We’re sorry to say the sale is taking place because, after seven years, The Union Shop is closing its doors at the end of April—both The Union Shop OnlineTM and the bricks-and-mortar The Union Shop at the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C. Act fast because these great deals on the apparel, pitchers, mugs, stickers, buttons and more are disappearing. So, click on over to The Union Shop Online<https://unionshop.aflcio.org/>TM and check out these great bargains. When your cart is full, check out with the discount code, 2CLOSE10."

Don't let the dream die!! Let's talk about how we can prevent this.  If Unions are a solid product, then we don't have a concept issue, we've got a merchandise/marketing issue.  The best way to save the AFL-CIO store is to come up with some trendy merchandise.  Put on your brainstorming hat and figure out the cool marketing angle to save the union merchandise store.  I just spent an hour at the whiteboard, and I'm convinced we need to focus less on the AFL-CIO brand, and instead talk about what unions can do for their members.  Here are some T-shirt ideas I came up with:

"My Union: Now Handing Out Promotions Based on Tenure, not Performance"

"Innovation and Unions: Just look at Detroit. Need We Say More?"

"The Union Extra Mile: That's Not In My Job Description, Man"

"The Employee Free Choice Act: If You See a Group of Five Underperforming Employees Walking Towards You, You'll Know It's Time to (In)Voluntarily Sign the Card"

Uh, OK, maybe that's not going to work.  Screw it, order up your Fiesta pitchers with the AFL-CIO ASAP.  Or hit me in the comments with your t-shirt ideas that can save the union movement...



"I paid my union dues and all I got was this crappy t-shirt."

Michael VanDervort

What right to work? I got laid off from the AFL-CIO store!

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