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I'm leading a Leadership Academy session at our company today on Performance Planning.  I had a big old participant's guide ready to go for this session, and let's just say I was.... attempting... to... control...the... conversation....

Lots of detail related to what to say when.  Scripts so you can't mess it up.  Do the robot.Vader

I threw it in the trash.  I want quality, but I want quality with authenticity.  With that in mind, I came up with three things that managers have to do related to performance:

1. Develop a Big Five (that's what I call the most important objectives) that’s good for your company and engages the team member developmentally.

2. Push for more performance, but be able to specifically describe what you need and why it’s good for the team member's career (verbally and in writing).

3. Perform in conversations with the team member (planning, lock-in and review session).  You gotta be able to perform, whether you like doing them or not.  You're a thespian whether you like it or not.

If you can do those three things, you’re at the intersection of a) getting more for the company and b) developing your team member.  YOU’RE A COACH.  If you do all the above, push hard for results, and your team members still say you’re a good coach, you win.  You’ve arrived.

Let me know if you need a controlling participant's manual, because I've got one available for a reasonable price.  You have to buy your own Darth Vader helmet though...


Brett Patterson

Managers behaving and acting like coaches? I couldn't agree more!

If you want a truly successful team, whether it be a basketball team or a software development team, you have to have a good coach.

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