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You realize I’m baiting you Fox News and MSNBC viewers with that title, right?Clinton-thumb

Good. Because it’s quiz time today with the HR Capitalist! Look at the list below and tell me the presidential career that most resembles the arc of a world-class HR pro (at any career level):

1. Bill Clinton
2. Jimmy Carter
3. Ronald Reagan

Time’s up. Which one did you pick? If you only picked one, you’re either a single-lever-pulling Republican, or you’re telling me what I want to hear based on the title of this post. Or maybe you just wanted to make a Monica Lewinsky reference when talking about your HR team. (Have you no shame?) The truth is that two names on this list resemble world-class HR leaders at their best.

Read more about the intrinsic value of the HR moderate in my monthly Column at Workforce by clicking here.  And please... please...make sure you've got the Clinton thumb going when you are making a point to someone today...


Why isn't Calvin Coolidge an option?


funny how nobody remembers Calvin.... your really dating yourself

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